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The Lala Box is a streaming media company that strives to save our customers money and provide the highest quality streaming service! Since day one, We has been the #1 innovator for Android TV Boxes- Before we go there, let us tell you our story...

In early 2015 after finding out my 12 year old son may have lymphoma I needed something to clear my head, I was watching TV and paying bills when I realized I was paying a $200+ cable bill and didn’t watch much TV because there was only a few selected shows I watched. I figured there has got to be a more cost effective way to watch TV and get the content you wanted, So to distract my mind from my personal situation I decided to research, and research some more.


We Are NOT The Same!

We Are NOT The Same!

With so many streaming boxes out there its hard to pick what one is the best. The Lala Box is above and beyond our competitors because we offer 4 Premium add ons that would normally cost you $29 per month EACH for free! We are faster, More reliable, Offer more content and are 100% FREE!

We Are 100% Legal

We Are 100% Legal

Because our box does not DOWNLOAD any copyright material and because we don’t provide copyright material directly to the consumer, what we do is 100% legal. We do not provide free netflix accounts, free direct accounts or things like that. For more info on how this is legal see the section above “Is This Legal?”

We Are Here 24/7 365!

We Are Here 24/7 365!

We have tech support when you need it most! We offer 24 hour customer service 7 days a week 365 days a year! No other company offers that!

Lala Box Tshirt $19.99

Support the cause and rock the lala! This shirt comes in sizes Small to 3XL


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So We get it, its hard to understand the new toys you get! So we made it easy on you and have created some videos that will help
you setup your device, use your device and be great at what you do!

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